As a competitive fighter you always want to fight, whether it is a new opponent or an old one. The reason for this is because you want to measure yourself and see how good you really are. And if one loses the fight, you do not get angry at the opponent, but you realize that you were just too slow or just not good enough. And therefore, you must just train harder and never give up, this is the way of karate.

Life has challenged me with the best opponent that I have ever fought and still fighting and forever will… Myself! This is not a physical battle but a mental one. Everyday we are facing this opponent. Maybe you are contemplating about going to training or to do the dishes or even sticking to an eating plan. You know what the right decision is, but you still ponder whether you are going to do it or commit to it. Your best defense and offence are self-discipline. With discipline you will prevail in your battle. You will also have to be committed in making the right decision as well as persevere in your committed decision. As you train for fighting, you need to train your self-discipline as well. The more you train your mind to do the right thing and persevere in your committed decision, the easier the fight will be within oneself. This alone is already a fight within oneself and nobody can help you fight this battle, but yourself. Nobody can force you to do something that you are not committed to do, because if you are not committed to do some thing, you will not give it your best and you will not succeed in the long run.  Therefore, this battle is up to you and the question is when will you start fighting your inner shadow?                 

In karate you are trained to attack when one is certain within oneself that you will score. The same principle applies in life, when you commit to a decision you must first be sure within yourself that you are ready to make and commit to that decision. Otherwise your attack will be pointless and weak. This is one of the many things KARATE has thought me!

Graham Chamberlain